5 of the Worst Fashion Trends of All Time

bad fashion choices cause me to scratch my head

I’ve compiled a list of the 5 worst fashion trends of all time or at least dating back as long as I can remember. Seeing them felt like a personal attack on my eyes. Some have gone to die, and some are still being perpetrated today but deserve to be buried. The trends or aberrations that made this list are that of my own personal opinion, so please let me know if you agree or disagree by leaving a comment below.

Worst Fashion Trends Number 1- Sagging Pants

This is by far the worst and is why it has landed as number 1 on my list of worst fashion trends; sagging your pants (see image below). There is some confusion as to how this started, but all of my research indicates that this fad started in prison. Some say it was to show other inmates that you were sexually available, but according to Menswear Style it was something else entirely. 

worst fashion trends of the 90s- sagging your pants
Image Source: Cladwell

Prisoners were often given uniforms that were several sizes too big for them and due to suicide prevention efforts behind bars, were not allowed belts

-Menswear Style

Whether or not it was to show you were available (what it is most commonly known for) or because they were provided with uniforms that were several sizes too big is irrelevant. This fact remains; no one wants to see your underwear! So, the next time you decide to sag your pants as a fashion statement, just remember… you may be inadvertently sending the wrong message.

Worst Fashion Trends Number 2- Oversized Clothing

To piggyback on the last trend coming in at number 2 of the worst fashion trends is wearing oversized clothing. Some of us are blissfully unaware that we are sporting the wrong size (more on this in “what size shirt should I wear”). 

I was a perpetrator of wearing this style back in my skating days, sporting jnco jeans (apparently they are attempting a comeback,and at a rather high price point ranging between $130 – $300) and a t-shirt that was 2 sizes too big. Nostalgia aside, this style went out with the 90s.

I couldn’t seem to find a picture of myself from that era, but I did manage to find a picture of what Jnco jeans look like today courtesy of Pinterest (the picture says it all). I still can’t believe that I thought these were fashionable at one point in my life. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Number 3- Socks and Sandals

Even stars have been caught perpetrating this fashion worst, wearing socks with sandals; depicted below by Justin Bieber (left) and David Beckham (right). This just infuriates me for some reason, I don’t know why other than it’s hideous to look at and…

Image Source: Vogue

doesn’t wearing socks with sandals defeat the purpose of wearing them in the first place; to keep your feet cool and comfortable? For that reason wearing socks with sandals made number 3 on my list of worst fashion trends.

Number 4- Tube Socks

Speaking of socks, coming in at number 4 on my list of worst fashion trends is tube socks (some women can pull these off and still make them look sexy, image below). These went out with cavemen in the stone age. Am I right? 

Image Source: Faded Industry

First of all, tube socks come up to your knees depending how tall you are, and couldn’t be more uncomfortable; bunching them up isn’t any better, what’s worse is that they lose their shape so you constantly need to buy new ones. The only upside to these is that they are very cheap (stores like Walmart still sell these), but you get what you pay for.

Number 5- Dress shoes and Socks

Image Source: ArrowSmith Shoes

Well it’s no surprise, coming in at number 5 of the worst fashion trends is… another one about socks; specifically, wearing dress shoes with white socks (see image below). They’re called dress shoes for a reason; it’s formal wear!

These are just the 5 that came to mind. I am sure I could come up with more, but I would much rather hear from you. Is there a trend or style out there that just makes you wanna pull your hair out or think to yourself “what is this person thinking wearing that? If so, share it with us in the comments.

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